We can handle variable data to provide fully customized products that enable highly targeted and optimized one-to-one communication.

Any type of product can be customized throughout, and the choice of data management mode varies depending on the customization required:

  • Labels
  • Codes such as QR, Data Matrix, barcode
  • Unique progressive numbering
  • Texts
  • Images

There are many benefits that personalized product management can bring. Extremely targeted communication in terms of recipient and geographic area, convergence of print and digital communication, multichannel, customer loyalty through one-to-one initiatives, inclusion of visually impaired people are some examples.

We are equipped with technologies such as the anti-framing sensor on the line that recognizes variable data, which allows us, regardless of the product, to apply adhesive tape, warranty seals and multiple labels, knurl the printed matter by in-line or interrupted perforations or apply single-serving sample sachets or cards by glue dot.