Your Reliable Partner

From the very beginning, we have been a reality in which industrial processes and rigor converge with craftsmanship dedication, quality and precision.

Highly trained and specialized personnel, specific know-how and a complete and efficient fleet of machines allow us to package excellent printed products that satisfy the most creative ideas.


To whom are our services

Satisfied customers thanks to our commitment to always provide high quality, efficient service tailored to various needs, at the right price.

At this critical stage of the production cycle, every step is crucial: all our efforts aim to ensure perfection, because we understand that, at this point, every detail counts.


Sectors with which we collaborate

Pharmaceutical Industry
Reliability and accuracy are our watchwords for ensuring the integrity of pharmaceutical products. Our Quality Management System implements the main GMP guidelines for pharmaceutical secondary packaging.
Our attention to detail helps you create a lasting impression with your customers.
Luxury & Fashion
We understand the importance of creativity and brand image.
Advertising and Publishing
Our visual quality effectively communicates your message to your audience.
Consumer Electronics
We benefit from a highly efficient and optimized production flow to ensure the quality of each type of product printout.
We promote the use of certified sustainable resources in order to minimize the impact on our ecosystem while ensuring timeliness and accuracy in our services.
Elettronica di consumo

Beneficiamo di un flusso produttivo altamente efficiente
e ottimizzato per garantire la qualità di ogni tipologia di stampato di prodotto.


Promuoviamo l’impiego di risorse sostenibili certificate al fine di ridurre al minimo l’impatto sul nostro ecosistema assicurando nel contempo tempestività e precisione nei nostri servizi.


Our foundation


We are a service company specializing in post printing services of bookbinding and papermaking.


Our strategy is to offer the best solutions for your specific needs through specialized know-how, prestigious materials, and precision craftsmanship.

Customized services

Thanks to our structure, we are reliable partners to address the graphic challenges of different industries by being able to provide distinctive products in multiple formats and techniques.


With the experience and technology we have gained, we are able to speed up the production process time from quotation to delivery.

Collaboration, fairness and transparency

We believe in professional relationships marked by fairness, cooperation, honesty, transparency and respect.


Industrial processes and rigor converge with dedication. quality and precision craftsmanship, and we are always up to date with the most innovative and efficient production techniques.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Dedicated Team

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

ISO 9001:2015 | EcoVadis

Quality without compromise

As a certified company, we demonstrate to all our stakeholders our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards. Our Quality Management system incorporates the most significant GMP rules and procedures – Good Manufacturing Practices – typical of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our commitment to society, people and the environment is reflected in the in-depth assessment of our own corporate sustainability practices conducted by Ledit through EcoVadis, the global standard for corporate sustainability ratings.


Our Products

We are distinguished by the quality and extreme accuracy of the mold, product traceability, and adoption of the main GMP procedures for the pharmaceutical industry.

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